Part 1

As a consequence to my adaptation from Chile to California challenge comes my lack of organization.  This posed a direct challenge to my marketing plan due to the fact that the due date for the peer review got lost in the jumble of other due dates and homework I have to do.  Balancing what I have do do, when its do, and who’s doing what for multiple classes has proven to be a constant challenge this semester.Captura de pantalla 2013-11-03 a la(s) 8.17.39 PM

With any challenge comes a lesson to be learned, and in this case I believe communication is that lesson.

Good communication with a group can organize who is doing what for a project, and guarantee maximum quality for each part, because communication spreads information among the group to enable across the board knowledge on a subject.  A lack of communication within a group will lead to proportional amounts of work done, repeated work, and a general lack of knowledge on the entirety of a topic.

Within one’s self, good communication via a planner, calendar, or even sticky notes may be the difference between a project getting turned in and a project getting forgotten about.  After facing the challenges of organization and loosing a couple times, I have began utilizing sticky notes inside of my laptop, on my computer desk, inside books, and inside my notebook.  Direct improvements can be seen as I have yet to turn in an assignment late again.

After returning from a year studying abroad in Santiago, Chile I have had to readjust to the busy project filled style of the CSU system, in comparison to the test centered style I became used to in Chile.  This is a similar challenge I had when first arriving there.  The main difference between the two challenges is where I had to figure out on my own how to spend my time productively in Chile, I have to now find free time to do the large amount of projects, essays and quizzes for all of my classes.  This, however, is a challenge I like, because it is forcing me to learn how to adapt to different situations quickly, and I am sure in the business world adaptation and assimilation are key in employer’s eyes.

Captura de pantalla 2013-11-03 a la(s) 8.08.55 PM


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