Part 2

While in the first half of this semester organization was a large challenge, the second half of the semester brought new challenges.  Being my first time prepping a 20-30 group page paper I had issues organizing the group to get together and do equal amounts of work on both the Power Point presentation and the final marketing plan paper (  In the end the challenges were overcame, and as a group we polished up quite a nice product that we all are proud of.

Another challenge that posed itself thought the entirety of the semester was the amount of work this Bus306 contained.  With an 18 unit semester, this marketing class provided, by far, the most homework out of all my classes.  This forced me to focus the majority of my at home time on this class, yet some how I managed to complete high quality work in all classes.  I think beyond any challenge, the work load was the hardest one to overcome, because of my already lack of organization, my amount of procrastination, and my full schedule of classes.

Looking forward I see many challenges; however, none more important than finding a job that I truly enjoy and willing to devote time and effort into.  This challenge puts my nerves on edge every time I think about it.


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