Sustainable Marketing

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Conception of Sustainability Marketing (Belz & Peattie 2009, 32).

Go Green.  Chances are this isn’t the first time you have heard or read these two words, and this has a reason.  The world is growing more and more worried about the health of our earth, and this can be seen in a fluctuation of  spending habits by consumers.  Green marketing has grown so big that there are even website to help communicate sustainability messages,  After navigating around for a little while, I started to get a feeling that sustainability may not be the primary goal at hand in the heads of marketers.  I am amazed on how diverse the sustainability topic is as shown in greenbiz.

A prime example of a company who is thriving off of sustainability is Patagonia Clothing Company; they even have a link on their website that allows the consumer to track the transparency of their supply chain to ensure they abide by the most social and environmentally sustainable standards.

According to Rob Fenn, author of Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility,

No longer is the term ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ a novel idea amongst businesses…sustainability, in the US at least, now plays a permanent part in 70% of corporate agendas.

Captura de pantalla 2013-11-03 a la(s) 10.27.13 PMSustainability actions not only can result in a better public image, they can bring profits to the company by cutting costs where not needed, adding value to the products and services, and expand the market by reaching new audiences.  If that isn’t reason enough, without the future of our planet what will all the profits and earnings even mean?  Protecting the future of where we live ensures the future of our businesses in return.


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