Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 3.16.46 AMDue to the amount of engaging work giving by the Bus306: Fundamentals of Marketing class I have progressed a ton since day one.  Having no experience in marketing, every peice of knowledge I have now is a direct result from having been in this class, and I am very thankful for that.

In regards to my personal values, I hold onto my opinions stronger now while attempting to not allow propaganda to affect my thought process.  The dark secret in marketing that everyone kind of knows is their ability to brain wash consumers into believing they need something, and after this class I will walk around with a my own personal values; I will not let marketers create my values.

Taking this marketing class has helped me get closer to my career goals by providing me with vocabulary and concepts that apply to any aspect of the business world, specifically working with international marketing.  Achieving a Spanish degree alone would have made me happy, but with a business minor I will feel much more prepared for the “real world”

I see marketing from a whole new perspective after this class, so I would say I have had growth in the marketing and business subject all together.  Seeing marketing as a whole process beginning with obtaining information really expands the marketing industry in my mind.  There are many more sectors to marketing than I originally believed.


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