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Bat mobile plans

Although I may not have a marketing career ahead of me, skills learned in this semesters Fundamentals of Marketing class will be handy and utilized, I believe, in may aspects of my future  jobs and life.

As I am hoping to work internationally with raw material trading, learning about the importance of understanding specific cultures before attempting to negotiate or promote business ideas will prove to be a special tool for the rest of my life.  Furthermore, knowing that certain changes may need to be made in order to assimilate the product or service into a new culture (as is true for many food chains).


Unlike the bat mobile plans, my life has less exact specifications.  One of the major things I will take out of this semester is the urge to understand what people want from a good or service.  Knowing what a target market values may be the most important piece of information I learned in these 17 weeks.  With customer value understood, value is easy to gather in return making both sides happy.  I plan on researching markets wants, needs and desires for the rest of my professional career due to its high importancy in marketing.


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